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They closed the shop. Ahmed didn't want Vick to leave the house. Was that a joke? Gingerbread Man hanged himself. I think Cris would like to hear about this. The knife's serrated edge makes it perfect for cutting such things as bread. He has queer ideas.

Did you let Triantaphyllos kiss you? There's a day left.

You can't lose what you don't have. This is our only hope. My wife cooks well. I don't think that's legal. Wait for me. What did you see there? Tell me about it. My boss told me to rewrite the report. What time do you think Doyle will get home?

Jim knows most anything about motorcycles. I think it strange that he should lose his temper over that. I don't want to keep doing this. She could obtain more information if she was friendlier with him. I asked him to close the door. Stay strong and safe. Good luck! This time you should do it by yourself. Diffusion is passive because it doesn't require an external source of energy. I refused to believe it.

I heard you come in. As for me, I think the play was quite interesting. Are you almost finished with that? It was never a problem before. The hotel was burned down. Jeannie invited me to a party at his house. That's not very romantic. Lessons begin at 9 and end at 4. She was taking a shower when the phone rang. "OK, Kimi, the next car behind you is Alonso. Alonso five seconds behind you. I'll keep you updated on the gap. I'll keep you updated on the pace." "Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!"

Who is Emily? Maria hasn't eaten or drank the whole day. Love is hard to define. We are leaving for London. The beautiful French language is lost. He demanded that the savage dog be kept tied up. Go ahead and ask Mara. Who will be in charge of our class when Miss Smith leaves school? Let me go! You're hurting me!

All of the women in the room turned and glared at Celia. Emily is studying Turkish, because she and her parents will go to Turkey on vacation. I told you before not to do that. Save for the cold in the hall, the gig was good. Someone broke into my house last weekend.

I don't think it's worth the price they're asking. He'll be seventeen in February. Is this all there is? I'd like to help, but I've got an important meeting to attend. My father wouldn't allow me to see my friends. When did you get through with your engineering problem? Indra tried to muster a smile. Would you like some moonshine? Did someone contact him?

I will give this book to whoever wants it. Sassan says this is what he really needs. Kylo took a shower before breakfast. He's my younger brother. Have they reported it to the police yet? There's no evidence to suggest that Patrice was the killer. Hey, wait a minute. I wish I were a bird.

Would you stop staring at me? This is not a trap. You don't expect people to pay you for every little thing that you do in your life. The banks are closed Sunday. That was really great. I've seen you somewhere before. Do you want sugar in your coffee? You should do what Panacea says. She suffers from claustrophobia. I was so wrong about her.

Cheap sake makes you sick. He looked upon any time not spent in study as so much lost time. I had to do everything by myself. Knapper told Rees that John didn't like her. Beautiful evening, isn't it? We sailed in a boat on the river. I don't want to mess up now. Did she really kill her husband?

How are you doing? I haven't seen you for an age! My heart was racing. I still love you very much.

Now I understand why there were 8 persons and 7 pairs of animals of each species in Noah's Ark.

Hey, it's still warm. What's your favorite time of day to exercise? OK, but what about the manager? It might be good if you bought it. What'll happen to us? I'm pretty sure that Lindsey wouldn't do that. She poured milk into the cup.